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Step One from Two Powerful Steps How to Shrink Fat Cells

Hello all, this is the first article in this blog that will instantly show you step one how to shrink fat cells. As I said that the material in this blog is taken from a book on the side. You can see it on the right side of this blog.


The main principles of how to shrink fat cells in this book is to eliminate harmful toxins. By applying the method in this blog, in particular by eliminating toxins, not just shrink the fat cells but can also improve your overall digestive function, making your digestive system become more effective.

how to shrink fat cells by fatloss factor book

You can find a method how to shrink fat cells that I write on this blog, in chapter 2 of Fatloss Factor book. All benefits that can be achieved by following method are:

-          Lose weight

-          Eliminates harmful toxins

-          Strengthen your immune system

-          Increases energy / joy of living

-          Increases concentration

-          Increases durability

-          Can complete more tasks

-          Sleep better and healthier

-          More fit

-          Breaking the chain of emotions between you and food

Okay, this is the step one how to shrink fat cells:

The Natural Food Diet

This diet performed in two weeks. You know? Over the years our bodies have been infiltrated by poison, be it intentionally or not. The point is that you may get the toxins from the food, from pollution and chemicals that are around you.


So, what does all of this with how to shrink fat cells?

Remember it well, “To free yourself permanently from fat, you must be clean from toxins”. BECAUSE the toxins that have been accumulated in your body apparently stored in the fat cells. In other words:

“If we can shrink the fat cells, then we has been eliminate toxins in our body and lose weight at the same time”.

shrink the fat cells

This is the meaning from a natural food diet. By implementing this diet your body will be reset and sets our body into a fat-burning machine.

What is Needed in this Natural Food Diet?

natural food dietSimple. Let us follow the guidelines of Factor Fatloss books, such:

-natural foods that should be eaten,

-natural foods that should not be eaten, and

-suggested activities.

Below for more details:

Natural foods that should be eaten are:

organic vegetables and fruit

  1. Raw nuts
  2. Raw seeds
  3. Organic fruits
  4. Organic vegetables
  5. Spring water or the water that obtained from reversion osmosis water with a pinch of sea salt
  6. Beans (Legumes)
  7. Additional; virgin olive oil with lemon juice

Natural foods that should not be eaten are:

ice cream

  1. Eggs
  2. Canned vegetables or fruit
  3. Rice or grains
  4. Milk, ice cream, yogurt, cheese
  5. Bread
  6. Sugar or artificial sweeteners
  7. Anything with white flour
  8. Meat
  9. Pastries

Suggested activities:

walkTry to walk every day in this two weeks. Do at least thirty minutes, increase it to an hour. If possible do this activity outside. Walk with a fast pace and keep the tempo, so you sweat a little.

By using this method you will build your mind and body back and got a new lifestyle.

That’s all the first steps of how to shrink fat cells, happy trying and follow the next update from this blog okay!

What Body Type Am I? The Differences Between Body Types Endomorph, Mesomorph and Ectomorph

The 3 Body Types Explanation. What Body Type Am I?

What body type am i? At the end of this post I am sure you will find the answer. In order to answer ‘what body type am i?’ we will need knowledge about what is endomorph body type? What is mesomorph body type? and also What is ectomorph body type?

what body type am iIn the previous discussion about fat cells will never go away, I have written some things that relate to our discussion today, that: Fat cell formation is divided into three stages. Which are: The first stage, while in the mother’s womb up to two years old. The second stage, from two years old up to seven years old and last the third stage from seven years old up to adult (when the growth has been stopped). This theory revealed by Dr. Kristy Spalding from Karolinska Institute (Sweden)

Why i write it again here? Because we have to wary about the fat cell swelling. Once the fat cells increases (mitosis), he will not be diminished forever. Okay, let’s continue our discussion…

Endomorph Body Type

1Do you know Oprah Winfrey? She was a popular figure who frequently appears on television (yeah, we know :D ). Oprah Winfrey is a popular figure who has endomorph body type. Here are the characteristics of endomorph body type:

  • has a larger abdomen
  • has a spherical body
  • less muscular and soft
  • easy to get along
  • high emotion
  • love the food
  • need more affection and
  • carefree

Mesomorph Body Type

2Mike Tyson is an example of the mesomorph body type figure. This type has a great upper body in comparison to the abdomen.

A man like this is usually called manly and powerful.

This type has a higher testosterone than other types. That is why the person with mesomorph body type seem so mature in face but not equal with their age.

The number of fat cells in mesomorph body type is not as much on endomorph body type.

Personal characteristic mesomorph body type are:

  • brave,
  • willing to lead, and
  • seem competitive.


I’ve read in some articles, that are lucky if a man has a mesomorph body type.3 But what about the mesomorph female? In some article mention that women do not like the mesomorph body type, mesomorph female want to look more feminine. If this happens to you, there is one thing that you must remember. We should be grateful with what we are. We should be grateful for our health. The article also mentioned that mesomorph female should prefer a training for the one who is seeking to have lean, slender muscles.

Ectomorph Body Type

what body type am iBruce Lee was a popular ectomorph body type figure. This type is more thin and difficult to gain weight. The ectomorph body type is difficult to gain their weight  because they does not have as many as number of fat cells like in endomorph body type or like in mesomorph body type.

The advantage of this type is a face that always looks young even though they nearly 30 years old. In contrast to type mesomorphy.

Personal characteristics of ectomorph body type are:

  • patient,
  • creative,
  • anxious easily and
  • love (prefer) privacy.

I’ve got more complete list from superskinnyme about these body type characteristics, check this out ;)

what body type am i


Is it true that in general there are two types of fat cells in our body? The answer is yes, there are two types of fat cells in our bodies. That brown fat cells and white fat cells.

What is the difference between Brown Fat Cells and White Fat Cells?

what body type am i

Structure of brown fat cells contain many mitochondria. As we know that mitochondria contain a lot of Ferrum. This causes brown fat cells called adipocytes warrior. The ‘mitochondria’ Ferrum in brown fat cells envisioned as suit of armor. The task of Brown fat cells is more to generate heat for the body.

White fat cells got called ‘white’ because of his physical appearance that made ​​up the majority of semi-liquid fat. Semi-liquid fat is largely made ​​up of triglycerides and cholesteryl esters. White fat cells serve to isolate the heat and keep the fat.

Then ;) i guess now you can answer, what body type am i? right? Thank you for your time I’ll see you in the next update from this blog.

Because Your Fat Cells Never Go Away, Treat Them Well and Properly!

fat cells never go awayMaybe we ever thought, why fat is exist in our body? Why do fat cells never go away? Hmmm … If we still think like that, it looks like we need to learn more about our bodies. You know…? Actually our body is perfect, we must believe it. Believe, nothing is wasted in our body, every organ has a function, including fat and fat cell.

Wait … wait … fat and fat cell? Are they different? Yes, they are different and we will learn it shortly. Mere information, some time ago I’ve discussed how to remove toxins that infiltrate and stored in fat cells.

Is this important? Yes, this is important! Not just because of the dangerous toxins, but also because it makes our body becomes unhealthy. Because these toxins, the body becomes fat by inflating the fat cell. Please, .. if you have time, you can read it in here. Do not be too bound by question, why the fat cells never go away? Better we continue to improve our knowledge to find the best solution.

Okay, this is our discussion today:

  1. Who is Calorie?
  2. What is the relationship between calories, fat and fat cell?
  3. Let us deeper our understanding about fat cells! How fat cell formed?
  4. Because fat cells never go away, who disappeared when we managed to lose weight?
  5. Important! How do I prevent fat cell swell and increases?

Alright let’s get to our first discussion:

Who is Calorie?

fat cells never go awayYou know calories? Surely you know. You do not know? If so, you are certainly know carbs, protein and fat, right? Carbohydrates, proteins and fats are the three macro nutrients required by our body. This three macro nutrients is a source of energy for all our activities. So what relation these three macro nutrients with calories?

Here is the relationship between proteins, carbohydrates, fats and calories:

1 gram of protein = 4 kilo calories
1 gram of carbohydrate = 4 kilo calories
1 gram of fat = 9 kilo calories

You’ll be able to conclude now, who are calories? Protein, Carbohydrates and fats are the ‘calorie supplier’ and calories is “real” fuel for all our activities. As seen in the data above, fat is the biggest contributor of calories.

For example: Food B contains 8 grams of protein, 9 grams carbohydrates, and 7 grams of fat. How many calories are stored in food B?

(8×4 kilo calories) + (9×4 kilo calories) + (7×9 kilo calories) =
32 kilo calories + 36 kilo calories + 63 kilo calories = 131 kilo calories.

After seeing these examples, it became clear that fat is the biggest contributor of calories, right?

BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and DCR (Dairy Calorie Requirement)

fat cells never go awayWhat is BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)? BMR is the amount of calories that must be held to run our “basic activities of life”. What are the “basic activities of life” is? This activity is very important my friends, such as: breathing, heart beating, maintaining temperature, cell repair, and other biochemical processes.

Every individual requires a different amount of calories. This concept that we know as the DCR (Dairy Calorie Requirement). Caloric needs for someone (DCR) can be determined after we know the value of BMR.

How to determine the BMR with Harris-Benedict formula

For men:

BMR = 66 + [13.7 x body mass (kg)] + [5 x height (cm)] – [6.8 x age]

For women:

BMR = 655 + [9.6 x body mass (kg)] + [1.8 x height (cm)] – [4.7 x age]

How to determine the value of CDR

CDR = Activity factor x BMR

  • Little or no exercise (Sedentary) => 1.2 x BMR
  • Sports 1-3 days/week (Lightly active) => 1.375 x BMR
  • Sports 3-5 days/week (Moderately active) => 1.55 x BMR
  • Sports 6-7 days/week (Very active) => 1.725 x BMR
  • Sports twice a day (Extra active) => 1.9 x BMR

For example: A man, height 164 cm, body mass 47 kg, age 26 years and rarely exercise. How many caloric he needs everyday?

BMR = 66 + [13.7 x body mass (kg)] + [5 x height (cm)] – [6.8 x age]
= 66 + [13.7 x 46 (kg)] + [5 x 164 (cm)] – [6.8 x 26]
= 66 + 630.2 + 820 + 176.8 = 1693

DCR = 1.2 x BMR = 1.2 x 1693 = 2031.6 kilo calories/day

Okay, once we know the calories, it’s time we recognize the relationship between calories, fat and fat cell.

What is the Relationship Between Calories, Fat and Fat cell?

fat cells never go awayStill remember the DCR, consider the following equation:

Weight gain = calories in > DCR

Weight loss = calories in < DCR

Weight remains => calories in = calories out

When calories in > DCR, you will be excess calories. Excess calories can be stored in two forms, that is:

  1. Short-term energy source (glycogen) stored in muscle and liver cells.
  2. Long-term energy source (fat) stored in the fat cells.

How? it was clear the relationship between calories, fat and fat cell?

Let’s Deeper Our Understanding about the  Fat Cell! How Fat Cell Formed?

Here are the stages of fat cell formation:fat cells never go away

  1. The first stage, the fat cell are formed when we are still in our mother’s womb until two years old.
  2. The second stage, from the age of two years to seven years.
  3. The third stage, from the age of seven years to mature (growth has stopped)

The first stage, this stage is a natural step because it is genetic. To be clear, for example: baby ‘K’ has a more number of fat cells than baby ‘L’. This is normal because baby K has parents who tend to be obese when compared to the parents of the baby L.

Second stage and the third stage is an important stage. At this stage setting calorie intake is very important. If a child who is in a period of growth, taking too many calories than his/her needs, the excess calories will be converted into fat. The fat stored in the fat cells.

fat cells never go awayFat cell are elastic like a balloon. When a balloon filled with water, the balloon will inflate according to the amount of water added. Likewise with the fat cell, if stored too more fat, the fat cell will expand many times more than original size. When the size reaches four times the original size, the fat cells will perform mitosis or divide. One fat cell divides into two cells of fat, in other words, our fat cells will increase. This is what we worry about! If the fat cells increase, would not it be more of fat that can be stored than before?

Because Fat Cells Never Go Away, Who Disappeared When We Managed to Lose Weight?

Up here we have studied the calories, fat and fat cell. Can you answer which one of the three substances that had disappeared when someone managed to lose weight? True, the answer is fat.

When a person is deficient in calories for his/her activities (eg, exercise to lose weight), then the body will take fat from fat cell for energy. The result, reduced body fat and body weight successfully dropped.

fat cells never go awayWhat happens to the fat cell? Are they also disappear and become the energy fuel by the body? The answer is no. Fat cells never go away, the fat cells will remain in your body, waiting to be refilled with another fat.

Consider the following example: ‘X’ is a person who is obese since adolescents. In his body there are about 5o billion fat cells. A current weight of X is 110 kg. ‘Y’ is a normal person, not obese. In his body there are approximately 25 billion fat cells. Y body weight is 55 kg.

If X serious attempt to lose weight, and managed to get down to 55 kg (equal to the body weight of Y) whether the fat cells in X will also be reduced to 25 billion fat cells (equal to the number fat cells in Y)? The answer is no, the other 25 billion of his fat cells never go away, it still remain in his body. Even if X successfully eliminate so much fat in the body, fat cells in the body X will be fixed, not diminished at all! fat cells in the body X only shrink in size because of its content (fat and toxins that infiltrate) successfully removed.

Important! How to prevent fat cell increase and swell?

fat cells never go awayWe already know that the number of fat cells will not be reduced, fat cells never go away even if we managed to lose weight. What needs to watch out for someone who has successfully lose weight? The answer is not to revert to old habits. Take care of calorie intake and health. Why? Because fat cells did not decrease in number, they are empty, and they are waiting to be filled again. If we do not keep the calorie intake, excess calories will easily distributed in fat cells. Body weight would be easier to go up, even easier than the first exposed obese.

More specifically, for the future of our next generation. Control their calorie intake, avoid them from the increases of fat cells. Give them the nutrients according to their needs. This will save them from the problems that can arise due to the fat cells never go away and always happy (always accepted) when filled with fat.

Master Cleanse | the Final Steps to Shrink Fat Cells

how to shrink fat cellsHello all, as I have said, that there are two powerful steps how to shrink fat cells. If you have not read the first step, please click here. Now we will talk about master cleanse. Master cleanse is the final part of how to shrink fat cells. By undergoing this method every day, your body fat can be reduced by 2-8 ounces/day. Cool isn’t it? This final step takes three to ten days. Are you ready?

Many benefits can be gained from this master cleanse step, in addition to shrink your fat cells, the following are another benefit of this step:

The Benefits of Master Cleanse

  • Dissolves and removes obstruction and toxins.
  • Every day can eliminate two to eight ounces of body fat.
  • Cleaning the digestive system and kidney.
  • Purify the cells and glands.
  • Clean the joints and muscles from useless material and harden material.
  • Reduces irritation and pressure in the blood vessels, nerves, and arteries.
  • The blood flow become healthy.

Necessary ingredients for Master Cleanse

Herbal Laxative Tea

herbal laxative teaThe first step is to use herbal laxative tea to help in digestive system flush. Starting master cleanse by drinking one serving of herbal laxative tea at night. Recommended brands as herbal laxative tea is ‘Smooth Move’ from Traditional Medicinals.

Sometimes, even after taking herbal laxative tea at night, some people continue to experience bowel problems. If this happens, take one serving of another herbal laxative tea in the morning before going to the next step: Saltwater Flush.

Saltwater Flush

This is the process that will cleanse your colon. With low cost, easy and controlled processes, you will  gain great benefit from the saltwater flush step.

How to prepare saltwater flush

Prepare one liter of water. Use water with a temperature between warm to hot. Add two teaspoons of  uniodized sea salt. Do not use salt that has been ionized, because it will not work.

master cleanse

In ten to twenty minutes, drink all this water. This is the beginning process of cleansing your digestive tract as a whole. Perform this process over and over again as soon as you wake up from your sleep during of the master cleanse phase.

Important!! Make a note in your mind, as written in Fat Loss Factor’s book:

“The breaking up, loosening, and purging of encrusted debris from the small and large intestinal walls is the most important part of the Master Cleanse.”

During this final phase, the toilet is a very important place for you. Because you could be two to three times to go to bowel movements in one day.

Relationship between Blood Pressure and Uniodized Salt

master cleanseFor you who have problems with blood pressure, you do not have to worry with the use of salt in this master cleanse  method. A mixture of uniodized salt and water in this method has the same gravity with blood.

Under such conditions, the kidneys can not absorb water from the mixture as well as with blood, the blood will not be able to absorb the salt from the mixture.

Because of that this method is safe, there will be no disruption due to use salt. And that’s why saltwater flush method can be done as often as possible as long as needed to clean the entire digestive tract as well as possible.

Saltwater flush will be an hour of your first routine activities in the morning while undergoing this cleaning process. Next, after the saltwater flush is complete, start drinking lemonade.

Drinking Lemonade after the Saltwater Flush

master cleanseDrink six to eight ounces every day at a time when you are active (waking).

Use water (room temperature) as much as six to twelve cups. This lemonade will help continuously purify your digestive tract.

The things that must be considered in preparing the lemonade drink:

  • As an ingredient: use half lemon or lime. Use organic lemonade, (the lemonade water will be more fresh if you squeezed it). Do not consume lemon juice from a bottle or other container that you have prepared in your refrigerator.
  • Add genuine organic grade A, B, or C dark amber maple syrup as much as one tablespoon and do not use maple-flavored syrup. In priority use grade B.
  • Add organic or natural red pepper (pepper ceyenne) as 1/10 tablespoons. Red pepper has great thermogenic effect. If your can stand it, your can add a little more red pepper to your juice.
  • 8 oz Water (spring or distilled)

Master Cleanse Natural Side Effects

don't worry be happyIf during the cleaning process you are experiencing symptoms such as acne, low energy, headaches, bad breath, white tongue or nausea, you do not need to worry. That is actually a good sign. It means that the toxins are removed from your body. After the detoxification process complete, you will get better. To cope with the disturbing smell, try drinking mint tea or use peppermint.

Okay, all the knowledge on how to shrink fat cells have been described in this blog, if you want more complete tips and more powerful strategies to weight loss look at the Fat Loss Factor books on the right side of this blog.